School on Wheels Tutor Training Resources
ONLINE TRAINING: Go to website

- Click on: Instructors (tab ~ 2” from top of page)
- Select: Online Courses (click on “Learn More” below Online Courses)
- Click on: Desired course title
- Click on: Register to this course
- When the title comes up: Click “Confirm”
- A login box will appear. If you are a returning user, log in.
-- If you are a first time visitor, click “Register now” at bottom.
- Enter personal info & click “Next”
- Create a User Name and Password (User name will be on your certificate)
- Re-type/Confirm password. Click “Finish”.
- At Bottom of page, click “Begin”
- Click on the course
- Read the page and click “Begin” at upper right corner
- Click on the various links and take notes. Keeping clicking “next” to go through the pages until completed
- At the top of the page, there are icons - one says “Review”
- This is your exam. Press “Continue” and take it.
- When exam is complete, click on: “Submit” (near bottom on right)
- Print Certificate (command is near top of the page, in rust colored words)
- When Certificate appears, RIGHT click the mouse and choose “Print”
- For additional courses, click on the left tab: “Online Courses”
Recommended Online classes:
* Developing Reader Fluency
* A Way with Words: Strategies for Strengthening Adult Learners' Vocabularies
The Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutoring Training website below is another resource that is available to supplement and enhance the School on Wheels’ tutor training curriculum.
If you wish to determine if this volunteer opportunity is right for you, preview Lesson 2
(Role of the Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor).

For more information about our schedule, call 630.217.0396
Questions & Answers:

When I complete my training, How many hours a week am I expected to tutor?
Minimum requirement is one hour per week at the same location and time of day.

Do I take the bus to my tutoring site?
No. Students and tutors provide their own transportation to the site.
When is School on Wheels in session?

Our calendar matches the school year with a 6-week optional summer session.

How are the students assigned to tutors?

Program staff matches tutors and students with similar time, day and location availability.
We love to hear from you. We're happy to answer any questions you have.
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